Rapidas deliver highest quality for NEPA Carton & Carrier

NEPA Carton & Carrier continues to meet the needs of its high-end customers who demand the best quality folding carton packaging. Koenig & Bauer then provided the engine to satisfy those production requirements.

Its pressroom, located at its facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is anchored with two Koenig & Bauer Rapida 145 57-inch presses. Both of these state-of-the-art models are equipped with inline QualiTronic Instrument Flight systems — one of the first converters in North America to choose this important advanced color control technology.

“Our leading nationwide customers demand superior customer service, high quality and fast turnaround,” says Mike Collins Sr, president of NEPA. “It’s crucial for us to invest in equipment that will represent their brands on the store shelf. These presses give us the ability to produce millions of boxes and carriers or produce smaller custom packaging from as little as a few thousand on up.”

NEPA is fully utilizing its inline QualiTronic Instrument Flight system on both of its Rapida 145 large format presses. Having this important feature, says Collins, allows NEPA to control the grey balance on press with the QCC option from Koenig & Bauer. It also allows NEPA to run and control its printed product to G7 standards.

Catering to a wide range of customers that require high quality custom folding carton solutions such as can wraps, cosmetic boxes, food packaging, multi-packs, frozen food boxes and window packaging, one of NEPA’s fastest growing niches continues to be the craft beer industry and its demand for colorful and strong beverage carriers. Having two Koenig & Bauer sheetfed presses equipped with a host of automated modules specific to Koenig & Bauer such as QualiTronic Color Control, QualiTronic PrintCheck, and QualiTronic Instrument Flight to help NEPA meet the needs of its individual customer production. These advanced systems, along with a top press running speed of 17,000 sph, gives NEPA ultimate print quality control and the automation helps to require no operator intervention.

“We’re pleased with our Koenig & Bauer Rapida presses,” says Collins. “The technology allows us to deliver the highest quality products with the shortest turnaround times that are sturdy as well as fun, artistic, and colorfully creative. Our products tell the story of each brand, emphasizing special seasonal occasions or limited editions.”



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