Quantum Packaging Investment

Tomas Andersson, Area Sales Manager at EMBA Machinery, confirms that Quantum Packaging in Lagos, Nigeria, has signed the contract for a fourth EMBA machine. Since the start-up of the company in 2014, Quantum has had a huge impact on the Nigerian market. Focused on high quality and customer service, they already operate three EMBA machines. Now in phase two of their expansion plan, with installation of second corrugator and additional converting capacity, Quantum is to install an EMBA 245 QS Ultima with DualBox™. 

DualBox™ is built on the EMBA TwinFeed™ concept that enables feeding of two sheets up to 520 mm in the running direction in one feed cycle, combined with an extended Magna VSC slotting unit with four slotting shafts. DualBox™ enables production of up to 30.000 boxes/hour. As Directors of Quantum Packaging , Girish Mundra and Ashish Bhageria explain, “We are very pleased with the new development from EMBA since we will actually get two machines in one. From an investment point of view, it’s an interesting step forward for us in our capacity expansion programme.”

L to R: Ashish Bhageria, Esa Koski (EMBA), Kalpesh Shah, Ganesan Sekar, Tomas Andersson (EMBA) and Chiran Sastry (EMBA agent).

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