‘Quality Label’ for peace of mind

The demands on packaging standards are constantly rising, the price competition is increasing and poses new challenges for converters. The right tool also plays an important role here. That is why cutting dies should be used that are worth their price in terms of quality and performance. It is worth investing in a good tool instead of paying for the perceived savings with reduced production performance, high process costs and unnecessary waste of resources.

The CITO Quality Label was created to ensure that converters know which materials have been used on the cutting die. This quality symbol attached to the tool means that high-quality Cito ejection material has been used.

Cito says that its ejection material is ideally suited for all applications in solid and corrugated board conversion. Whether large runs with high output rate, repeat jobs or smaller orders; it makes it possible to produce efficiently and to a high standard. The use of high-quality material is worthwhile, because even in standard applications the production output has a decisive influence on the actual costs.

The elastomers were especially developed for die-cutting technology, so that the product properties exactly meet the die-cutting process requirements and deliver optimum results even for the most demanding orders and complex layouts. The ejection materials are equipped with the original Cito EasyFix technology. This adhesive technology enables quick, easy and exact attachment of the elastomers. The cutting rules do not stick. The makeready is significantly faster. The cutting die remains intact. The products are now almost all ISEGA-certified and can therefore be used safely for the production of food packaging. The colour-coding enables clear identification of the respective function.

Benefits of cutting dies with the Quality Label include:

  • Optimum machine performance and maximum output;
  • Efficient and safe processes that use resources carefully;
  • Standardised and constant tool quality;
  • Cutting dies with high output rates and long durability;
  • Enormous potential savings in production costs;

In addition to high-quality material for the cutting die, Cito digital offers technical assistance in use of the material. The application experts developed the Cito Ejection Performance Guide for the selection and calculation of the optimal ejection material. Know-how – anytime and anywhere online – is accessible to the user with the Cito Online Seminars. The online tools convey application-oriented, practical and comprehensive knowledge for the conversion of solid and corrugated board. Expert advice and a personal customer contact are also part of the service package the company provides to support its customers and partners worldwide.

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