Quality Innovation Award for Valmet’s and Metsä’s 3D fibre demo plant

Valmet and Metsä Group have received national Quality Innovation Award 2022 in Finland with their demo plant that manufactures new kind of fibre products called Muoto®.

The joint development project won the category of potential innovations. The criteria of the competition were novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and profitability. Excellence Finland announced the winners in Helsinki, Finland on 10th November.

The demo plant was inaugurated in August 2022. The goal of the plant is to develop a competitive and recyclable fibre-based package to replace plastics. The products are manufactured ready-to-use for different end uses. Thanks to the multi-layer structure, the product’s properties, such as strength and surface smoothness, stand out from products made with other, competing methods.

The 3D technology combines the production process of both the packaging material and the packaging into the same production line and guarantees a resource-efficient production process for example in terms of water use. The production line has a high degree of automation and a large production capacity. No waste is generated in the production process since the side streams can be reused in the process. After the currently ongoing demo phase is completed, market testing of the products with pilot customers will follow.

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