Quality First Recycling Conference

In 2016 The Recycling Association based in the UK launched their Quality First campaign to highlight the problems many organisations are experiencing when sourcing and supplying quality recycled materials. The Association is now stepping up this campaign and confirms that it will hold the Quality First Recycling Conference in London on 5th April 2016 (BPP University Law School). 

The conference will cover the key challenges of: Changing global requirements; Illegal trade of sub-standard materials causing reputational damage; Regulatory inconsistency and ambiguity and an urgent need for full supply chain responsibility for changes in practices

Failure to address these problems, said The Recycling Association Chief Executive, Simon Ellin, would damage the UK’s global reputation for the supply of high quality recycled materials and could result in declining markets and revenues. 

“The Quality First Recycling Conference takes a long, hard look at the UK’s recycling supply chain and shines a spotlight on the challenges we face within this global market,” he said.

“The conference will look at the challenges faced by those who use, collect, sell, transport and design with recycled materials. Anyone who profits from the recycled materials sector, or whose business could profit in the future, has an interest in making this market work and should attend. The responsibility for making this sector work lies with a wide range of organisations and it is essential we work together to drive improvements. If we don’t, we can expect our markets and our margins to decline,” he said.

Confirmed speakers include designer Wayne Hemingway MBE, Kevin Vyse of Marks and Spencer and Wade Schuetzeberg of ACN. Delegates will be invited to question the speakers and identify changes needed to protect and enhance UK materials and businesses. The Recycling Association will use the information gained to inform the Quality First Campaign to help drive improvements through the full recycling supply chain.


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