QuadTech India on the move

QuadTech India has relocated to a larger, modern facility located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Steady growth of the print market in India and southeast Asia have sparked increasing interest in QuadTech’s control technology solutions, prompting a need for expanded and more functional facilities.

Hemant Desai, General Manager of Operations and Sales for QuadTech India, comments, “This move and expansion is a large step forward in better serving our customers. By creating a space that is both welcoming and functional, we intend to be better equipped to demonstrate QuadTech print technology solutions. We are also very excited to add local assembly capabilities and a local 24/7 Help Desk team to continue growing and extending our service capabilities.”

Among the guests at the office inauguration was Pradeep Shah, Managing Director of web offset press manufacturer, Manugraph. “I am sure,” said Mr Shah, “that through the hard work and dedication of QuadTech management, their presence in India will continue to grow. On behalf of everyone at Manugraph, we wish them all success.”

Another special guest on-hand at the celebration was Bharat Shah, Chairman & Managing Director of packaging press manufacturer, Pelican. Mr Shah commented, “QuadTech has seen great success in India, and I encourage them to keep it up! The team at QuadTech is doing an excellent job, in terms of quality, service, support—every aspect. Of all of our vendors, QuadTech is a most preferred supplier and very easy to deal with. We consider them to be more than just a supplier, but a true partner in meeting our customers’ needs.”

Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech, also comments on the event, “It was truly an honor to share this inauguration with business associates, employees and their beautiful families! We are truly thankful to everyone and firmly believe our team is well-positioned to serve the needs of our customers, to help them grow their businesses and become more profitable.”

L-R in doorway: Hemant Desai, QuadTech India General Manager of Operations and Sales; Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech; Bharat Shah, Chairman & Managing Director of Pelican; Pradeep Shah, Managing Director of Manugraph; Sweta Patel, QuadTech India Administrative Assistant.

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