“Push your repro partner to pull their weight on sustainability” says Creation

Creation Reprographics has shared its perspective on the current state of play in packaging sustainability, as the market continues on the path towards Net Zero targets.

The business believes that outside of substrate technology and supply chain logistics, origination could – and should – play a much more significant role in reducing overall carbon output for printers in the packaging sector.

Creation has shared insight from its position as a sustainability-focused packaging and label reprographics specialist. As part of its ‘Project Zero’ drive, the business has placed great emphasis on reducing both its own operational carbon output, as well as that of its printer customers.

Matt Francklow, Managing Director, Creation, explains, “The packaging sector is under immense pressure to deliver volume and speed. So much so, that we often think that Net Zero is much further off than it is. We have seen a lot of conversation and campaigning around pulling the 2050 target forward to 2030, which gives a great deal more immediacy to a sustainability strategy.

“We are seeing enormous leaps forward in areas such as material sourcing and low-carbon logistics – but it’s not often we talk about where pre-press can reduce carbon output. There are a lot of way that reprographic partners can play a part in supporting a more sustainable print supply chain. What we want to see is printers and their brand customers alike challenging their repro partners to deliver more. A well-managed low-carbon repro process sets printers up for sustainable success.”

As well as working to reduce its overall energy consumption in day-to-day operations, Creation has introduced a number of important initiatives and drives with this ethos. This includes supplying Fujifilm’s Flenex FW, a water-washable flexo plate that eliminates harmful solvents from prepress while boosting quality, and championing extended gamut printing for its customers, removing the need for spot colours and reducing waste. The business has also joined thousands of businesses across the UK in signing the SME Climate Commitment, pledging to halve its carbon emissions by 2030 and make the Net Zero targets of 2050 easier to achieve.

Francklow concluded, “Pre-press is not just about reprographics, colour management and plate making, it’s about making sure printers can get the best out of their resources. Rerunning jobs can be disastrous in terms of carbon output, which is precisely where an experienced reprographics partner can help. We’d like to see printers pushing their repro partners, whether that’s Creation or not, to support sustainability in a more rounded way. There’s a lot of experience there to tap into. We have our sights set on zero-carbon reprographics, and sustainability is now culturally integral to how we do business and the products and services that we supply.”

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