Pure edge on the road to success

With its pure edge technology, Marbach ensures packaging manufacturers and brand owners are fully satisfied. They have recognised the advantages of this Marbach technology and are increasingly opting for pure edge.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost says, “Brand owners want attractive corrugated packaging with pure edges for sales-boosting presentations of their products at the point of sale. When conventional cutting-dies are used, there is often lint-forming and angel hair on the visible edges. This, of course, is an absolute no-go for products that depend on the attractiveness of the packaging.”

With pure edge, the requirements of brand owners are fully met, marks and linting are now a thing of the past. But it is not only brand owners who are satisfied with packaging produced using pure edge technology. Packaging manufacturers also benefit from the advantages of this Marbach technology. With pure edge, the conventional functional rubber along cutting rules has been replaced by steel pressers. As a result, the corrugated board is now completely compressed directly next to the knife during the die-cutting process. This ensures low wear and tear during the die-cutting process. Long service life of the tool is thus ensured.


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