PulPac launches injection molding machine for fibre-based products

PulPac has confirmed the launch of a new machine platform, the PulPac Scala.

The Scala platform is based on injection molding, a technology associated with plastic conversion, combined with PulPac’s new and Mill-to-Web fibre unit. The first Scala machines are sold by launch partner Huarong Group from Taiwan and equipped for producing fibre-based lids.

Dry Molded Fiber is a fibre-forming technology invented and licensed by PulPac to replace single-use plastic on a global scale. The technology makes it possible to produce sustainable packaging that’s resource, energy, and cost-efficient.

Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, PulPac, says, “When we launched Dry Molded Fibre a few years ago, we did it with a great machine platform. The PulPac Modula is still the best fit for producers with high volumes and a need for modularity. But one size doesn’t fit all, and we saw an opportunity to make Dry Molded Fibre approachable to even more packaging producers.”

The PulPac Scala fits in a 40-foot container, and comes at a significantly lower investment than the PulPac Modula.

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