PulPac and OptiPack form print collaboration

PulPac has formed a collaboration with OptiPack, a leading provider of packaging print and barrier solutions. The partnership aims to unlock new possibilities for customised dry molded fibre packaging.

“We are excited to collaborate with PulPac to explore the potential of packaging printing for dry molded fibre products,” said Pia Hellgren, Key Account Manager, OptiPack. “Our partnership enables us to push the boundaries of fibre-based packaging and deliver tailor-made solutions that empower brands to stand out while reducing their environmental footprint.”

As a partner, OptiPack brings expertise in developing tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of today‚Äôs packaging industry, including regulatory compliances. With OptiPack’s flexibility and proficiency in print customisation, customers can explore a myriad of options to enhance the visual appeal of their dry molded fibre packaging products, ranging from different prints to varying colours.

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