PSP Adds Esko Workflow

Led by president and founder Robbie McDaniel, PSP is known for its innovative approach in bringing better solutions to the retail graphics space. The company’s print production department, which includes a new HP Indigo 10000 and four HP7600 flatbed printers along with various other small presses, runs 24/6, and is utilized for both decor and promotional print applications — and fast speed to market.

Until recently, PSP was doing its prepress work manually. Recalls Ronald Whitfield, Automated Systems Manager, “We were doing layouts, imposition, and all other tasks manually in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator without any automation. We even converted colors ourselves.” With the industry focused on personalized materials and fast paced jobs, especially in digital, PSP recognized that they had to bring their prepress into alignment with the speed of their presses. “Because of the variation of content — like pricing — there are so many more files to create, all at the same time. We wanted to automate redundant and time-consuming tasks,” continues Whitfield.

Inspired by great experiences with its two Esko Kongsberg XP finishing tables, PSP invested in Esko Automation Engine, to automatically speed nesting layouts to the Kongsberg finishing tables and enhance the preflight process. The Automation Engine has been in production mode for six months, and Whitfield says about 95% of the company’s layouts are now driven by a customized workflow. “We have increased the workflow to the presses just by automating the layouts. The Automation Engine preflight report can tell us if there are errors or unreported sizes. It also allows us to send proofs within 24 hours.”

President and founder Robbie McDaniel adds, “We are excited about achieving a new level of automation that amplifies speed and quality for our customers.”

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