Progroup donates €50,000 to Corona aid package

To support the municipal aid package ‘Together in Landau’, Progroup is donating a total of €50,000. As part of a reception at the site in Landau, Jürgen Heindl (Chief Executive Officer of Progroup) and Maximilian Heindl (member of the board and Chief Development Officer) handed over the donation to the Mayor of the town of Landau, Thomas Hirsch.

Left to right: Thomas Hirsch, Jürgen Heindl and Maximilian Heindl.

“The initiative ‘Together in Landau’ is an impressive demonstration of how the region stands together in difficult times. For us as part of this region, it was our sincere wish to support it,” said Jürgen Heindl.

The €250,000 aid package was put together by Landau Town Council so that, alongside the emergency aid provided by the federal and state governments, funding could also be provided for social and cultural institutions, voluntary organisations, charitable initiatives, aid organisations and cases of hardship.

Progroup’s donation is an expression of its thanks for the dedicated work of the organisations that are making a tremendous contribution to tackling the corona crisis as part of the civil protection of the population in the local area around Landau. This is why €7,000 of the amount donated is going to the Landau Technical Relief Agency, the Landau District Association of the German Red Cross, the Landau local group of the German Life Saving Association and the Landau Voluntary Fire Brigade.

The company also wants to support the dedication of Landau Zoo School with €22,000 and acknowledge its tremendous work in educating children and young people.

“The corona crisis is ongoing and there are many areas of cultural, sporting and social life which really need support in the current situation,” stresses Mayor Hirsch. Along with the donations from private individuals and businesses, around €350,000 will be available to strengthen the sense of togetherness in the town. “My special thanks, both on behalf of the town and on behalf of the clubs and organisations that have received funding, go to Progroup. With its generous donation, the company is showing how we in Landau are pooling all our resources so that we can emerge from this crisis stronger together,” says the town mayor.

In spite of the effects of the corona pandemic, Progroup is looking to the future with a positive outlook. Production has been maintained in all plants while adhering to the strictest hygiene measures. As a company in the systemically important paper and packaging industry, Progroup has been able to make an important contribution to tackling the challenges of coronavirus by ensuring that the supply chains for vital goods such as medicines, foodstuffs and medical equipment have remained intact throughout.

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