Production management intelligence tool from ISRA VISION

With its EPROMI production management intelligence tool, ISRA VISION now offers a powerful add-on for its inline inspection solutions for the print industry.

As well as displaying and analysing real-time data for end-to-end process monitoring, its key advantage is enabling collected inspection and production data to be comprehensively evaluated. This reveals hidden potential and provides a basis for informed decision-making to optimise product portfolios, continuously improve process efficiency and quality, and maximise profitability.

Nowadays, state-of-the-art production systems, quality assurance systems and reporting tools generate vast quantities of data, which – when correlated effectively – can provide valuable information for economic decisions throughout the value chain. EPROMI production analytics platform allows this data to be evaluated comprehensively based on various KPIs. Having already proven its value in other sectors, it is now also available for the company’s print inspection solutions.

EPROMI contains live dashboards for monitoring inspection systems, production lines and current product quality in real time, keeping production and quality managers informed about the print job in question. Customisable threshold values and alarms help users to identify and resolve issues quickly. This allows a rapid response in the event of production defects, reducing downtimes and lowering production costs by extension.
By intelligently aggregating the information captured by the inspection systems and the production lines, trends in the manufacturing process can be identified and specific patterns recognised, enabling appropriate actions to be taken as necessary. To this end, the tool can help optimise operational procedures and production processes to prevent defects, reduce material consumption, lower costs and further enhance product quality.

EPROMI can be installed either on a physical or virtual server that is integrated in the customer’s IT landscape, or in the customer’s existing cloud. Its standardised interfaces also mean that data from third-party tools and sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the platform. Data is accessible from anywhere and using any end device thanks to an intuitive web browser interface.

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