Pro Nemus visitor centre to celebrate fifth anniversary

Metsä Board’s Pro Nemus visitor centre has become an integral part of customer visits to the integrated mill area at Äänekoski. The displays are regularly updated to remain fresh – with over 20,000 visitors in five years. At Pro Nemus, complex processes are explained in a visually attractive and easy-to-grasp way.

“Pro Nemus has become a key part of our mill tours. We do our best to ensure that all customer groups that visit Äänekoski have the opportunity to tour our visitor centre,” says Ari Harmaala, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Metsä Fibre. “During a visit, we always have limited opportunities to present our operations, because much of the process takes place in areas that are off-limits to visitors for safety reasons. Starting the tour at Pro Nemus provides them with a clear idea of the process, making the actual mill visit more informative.”

Harmaala says Pro Nemus has received positive feedback from customers, especially for the Industrial ecosystem, which introduces the bioproduct mill and other operators in the integrated mill area. Visitors also appreciate the harvester simulator and the Photo Booth.

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