Pro-Gest – trading update

The Board of Directors of Pro-Gest Spa have released the trading data for the month of April 2022 and some preliminary data for the months of May and June.

April 2022 officially closed with progressive consolidated revenues of €311.4m, compared to €196.8m in 2021 (+ 58.2%). Normalised EBITDA was equal to €65.1m compared to €38.5m in 2021 (+ 69.1%).

Preliminary data on turnover for May 2022 shows a strong increase in turnover and profitability and should record a further improvement compared to the first four months of 2022, the results of which were influenced by the temporary stop of production at the beginning of March. The trend in performance in June 2022 remains positive, albeit denoting a modest slowdown in growth linked to the trends in consumption for the period and to the macro-economic uncertainties generated by the international geopolitical context, which significantly affects energy costs.

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