Pro-Gest temporarily halts production at paper mills

It has been reported that Italy-based Pro-Gest has temporarily halted production at its containerboard and tissue mills. Initial reports suggest that the company cites high gas prices and escalation of the crisis in Ukraine.

The company is said to have now temporarily stopped production at its six mills, following the rapid rise of natural gas prices. However, packaging production has not been affected and the plants will continue producing for the time being.

“We are closely monitoring the war situation and are deeply saddened for the Ukrainian people hoping for an immediate solution to the armed conflict. Also because of the severe tensions we are witnessing, we have to record that the price of natural gas, now more than ten times higher than twelve months ago, has tripled in little more than a week. We will do our best to support our customers by assessing the delivery situation on a case by case basis. We sincerely hope to be able to resume production as soon as the situation allows,” the company said.

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