Pro Carton reveals new animated character video for World Environment Day

Ahead of World Environment Day (5 June), Pro Carton has launched the third animation in ‘The Carton Campaigners’ series, this time explaining the benefits of renewable packaging materials.

Renée Renew: “Grow the future, not the waste!”

Amid the ongoing global pandemic, Pro Carton has been bringing environmentally friendly concepts to life using five cartoon heroes. Following the success of the Ricki Recycle video, which was launched on Global Recycling Day and was watched over half a million times, Renée Renew’s story explains that trees are a sustainable resource, and by using renewable packaging and planting more trees, carbon emissions reduce.  The video can be seen on YouTube, just search for Renée Renew.

The United Nations (UN), says ‘the climate that makes our planet habitable’ comes from nature, and Pro Carton hopes to amplify this message to consumers, ensuring that they understand the cartonboard industry’s role in helping to maintain sustainably managed forests.

Tony Hitchin, General Manager of Pro Carton, said: “We wanted to use our Carton Campaigners to support the UN’s message for World Environment Day, by sharing ways we can protect nature and our climate. We know that in Europe, forests are expanding by the equivalent of over 45,000 tennis courts every day thanks to the wood, paper and board industry, but it is important that we share this positive news with consumers in a fun and accessible way. We hope that this next instalment in our video series can bring the idea of renewable resources to life and make cartonboard – which recyclable and biodegradable, as well as renewable – the packaging material of choice.”

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