Print-on-box capability from Sparck

Sparck Technologies, the automated packaging solutions specialist, has introduced a flexible print-on-box capability for its advanced ‘fit-to-size’ packaging systems.

The new print-on-box facility is available with both the CVP Impack and CVP Everest models and can be retrofitted for existing customers. Custom messages, logos and branding can be individually tailored for each and every package at lightening speed. The ability to print directly onto packages offers tremendous opportunities for enhanced branding and individualisation of every package, giving the customer a more personalised unboxing experience.

The in-line printing system uses instantly drying UV LED ink and is available in monochrome or CYMK versions. Print quality at up to 360dpi allows for fine reproduction of full-colour images, text and logos, along with precision printing of QR, AR and barcodes to GS-1 standards. Using multiple print heads up to three faces of a box can be printed on in a single pass, with printer heads adjusting automatically for each tailored package.

Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager, Sparck Technologies, says, “Marketing managers at leading retailers and e-commerce businesses now have the opportunity to create exciting ‘box opening experiences’ for the individual – in addition to all the sustainability and cost advantages that come with right-size packaging. The possibilities are endless, from personalising by name a package for someone’s birthday, printing additional information such as ‘fragile’ or ‘this way up’, to short runs with specific or individual promotional text – whatever the creative mind can think of really. But, beyond these creative opportunities, there are practical cost saving advantages to printing onto the package after it is formed, such as reducing the SKUs of preprinted boxes needed. The in-line printing systems are fully capable of keeping pace with our fastest fit-to-size packaging machines.”

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