Print finishing with LED UV

Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co KG has added to its range, with the launch of its new adhesive systems for the finishing process by means of cold foil transfer on sheet fed and web offset printing presses. The adhesives from the Uvalux® series (with the product codes LED U0850 and LED U0851) are both designed for the product sector of LED UV technology. The company, which has developed inks and varnishes for this application for quite some time, now also offers LED UV curing adhesives.

The two new products are an important complement to the wide range offered by the printing ink supplier for the adhesive sector. Altogether, the Uvalux® series is a complete programme that provides the appropriate product, including low-migration variants, for various applications in UV offset and letterpress printing on narrow-web printing presses as well as in UV sheet-fed offset printing. In addition, the entire programme includes the two series Euralux and Uvaflex®, with which Zeller+Gmelin also serves the segments of conventional sheet-fed offset printing as well as UV flexographic printing.

Thanks to the two new products, users of the LED UV technology are able in combination with UV offset printing to achieve metal effects on paper and board both in packaging printing (non-food) and commercial printing. For the curing of the highly reactive cold foil adhesives, LED UV systems in the wavelength ranges of 385 and 395 nm can be used. In processing, the adhesives safeguard a good adhesion to the film and the substrate. They feature a sharp edge definition in printing and are stable in the ink duct, even with high-volume print runs. The difference between the two systems is the colouring, which supports an exact positioning and easier control of the applied quantity. Uvalux® LED U0850 is a yellow-coloured adhesive intended for the use on gold foils and Uvalux® LED U0851 is a grey-coloured system for silver foils.

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