President Trump hails ‘National Forest Products Week’

American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Heidi Brock issued a statement regarding President Trump’s official proclamation recognizing the 59th anniversary of National Forest Products Week (20th to 26th Oct).

Brock said in the statement, “The forest products industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in America, accounting for roughly four percent of U.S. manufacturing GDP and employing approximately 950,000 employees in rural and urban communities across 45 states. National Forest Products Week provides a welcome stage to share the compelling story behind those numbers, our products and the dedicated men and women who make them. Utilizing sustainable business practices, our companies produce paper, paper-based packaging, tissue, hygienic and other specialty products not to mention applying innovative wood-based construction techniques – all of which make everyday life easier.  Moreover, a long-standing and voluntary commitment to sustainability across the production process has returned extensive improvements through the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 initiative. In 2018, that dedication led to improved energy efficiency and worker safety ahead of schedule.”

Brock concluded, “There’s certainly more to capture in that snapshot. Count us in for teaming up with our companies, strategic partners, stakeholders and decision makers to recognize and celebrate an industry whose products are interwoven through our society in undeniably beneficial ways. We hope you join us.”

President Trump’s proclamation can be found in full here.

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