Precisely calibrated die-cutting with marbazero

Marbach has a solution in its portfolio that allows the individual workstations as well as the upper and lower tool parts of a die-cutter to be perfectly matched to each other. The company calls this solution the ‘Marbach calibration tool‘.

When it comes to set-up times, the die-cutter plays a decisive role. The basic requirement for minimising set-up times is quite simple: all stations and tool components must be calibrated precisely.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager, Marbach, says, “The calibration tool sets a die-cutter to zero, so to speak. With its help, all stations are perfectly calibrated to each other. This increases the reliability of the entire process enormously and also reduces the set-up time for each individual job. Users benefit from maximum performance in the production of their packaging.”

The calibration can be carried out by the machine operator after receiving expert instruction from Marbach. The operating instructions supplied intuitively guide the machine operator through the entire calibration process.

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