PPWR – EU Parliament strikes a balance for circular packaging

The corrugated industry supports the European Commission’s intention “to reduce the negative environmental impacts of packaging and packaging waste while improving the functioning of the internal market” via the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

Therefore, FEFCO welcomes the outcome of the European Parliament Plenary session vote on the legislation, which took place on Wednesday, 22nd November. The vote has established the way forward for a sustainable packaging industry. Notably, it sets ambitious provisions for circularity while preserving existing, well-functioning waste management systems and acknowledging the competitiveness of European businesses.

FEFCO now calls on the Council to follow the same direction to ensure the complementarity of recycling and reuse in the final PPWR legislation. The preservation of sustainable packaging industries, like corrugated cardboard, requires a balanced and realistic approach that secures competitiveness and harmonises the internal market.

Corrugated board is one of the most recycled packaging in Europe, with a recycling rate of over 90% and an average recycled content of 89% from a renewable source. Corrugated packaging is a great example of circularity and FEFCO member companies are dedicated to further improving the sustainability of packaging systems in the European Union.

Eleni Despotou, Director General, FEFCO, said, “The corrugated industry is committed to supporting the PPWR objectives while promoting circular packaging options for the benefit of the environment and society.”

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