PPC deepens folding carton connections at drupa

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) participated in drupa, allowing PPC to engage with industry leaders, explore innovations, and represent the paperboard packaging industry internationally. Attending were PPC President Ben Markens and Vice President & Executive Director Emily Leonczyk, who shared their insights and experiences throughout the event.

“drupa prominently showcased several key themes that hold significant relevance for the paperboard packaging industry,” said Markens. “Automation was a standout theme, with numerous exhibitors and PPC members presenting advanced automated solutions designed to optimize production processes. Connectivity was another crucial focus, emphasizing the integration of digital systems to ensure seamless communication across various production segments. Reflecting PPC’s core values, sustainability was prominently featured, with many exhibitors highlighting eco-friendly technologies and practices. Digitalization was also at the forefront, showcasing the role of digital tools and software in enhancing production efficiency. Additionally, addressing the skilled workforce shortage emerged as a critical theme, with several exhibitors offering innovative solutions to reduce reliance on manual labor.”

Left to right: Ben Markens, Eric Frank (Koenig & Bauer), Hilda S. Murray (TPC Packaging), and Emily Leonczyk.

Markens and Leonczyk engaged with many PPC stakeholders, colleagues, and friends, fostering valuable connections and discussions. Their participation underscored PPC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and advocating for the interests of members.

“Attending drupa was an incredibly enriching experience, brimming with innovations and forward-thinking ideas,” said Leonczyk. “These key themes reflect our industry’s dedication to harnessing technology for greater efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in printing and packaging. These advancements resonate deeply with the ongoing conversations I’ve had with our members.”

To learn more about PPC’s time at drupa, visit the association’s website for a comprehensive summary: https://paperbox.org/reflections-on-drupa-2024.

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