Planting the seeds of biodiversity at Viana Mill

DS Smith recently reached its target of launching over 100 biodiversity projects from its sites, including Viana Mill in Portugal, who are now looking to claim the top prize at the Ponte de Lima International Garden Festival’s annual competition with their biodiversity garden.

The garden is one of twelve contestants at the annual festival in Ponte de Lima, located only 10 km from the Viana Mill, which produces kraftliner. The festival showcases gardens from across the world, emphasising the importance of implementing environmental projects in urban areas to improve the quality of life and promotes environmental education.

With support from the DS Smith Charitable Foundation, the mill has sponsored a garden named ‘On the edge of tomorrow’, which draws attention to the fragility of ecosystems and the need for a rapid change in lifestyles to halt climate change. The thought-provoking garden is designed by landscape architects Sebastian Loder and Nina Loderova.

“The Ponte de Lima International Garden Festival is a special event for our local community, and the theme of this year’s festival is exceptionally meaningful: ‘Gardens and Climate Change’,” said Mario Amaral, Viana Mill Manager. “We are proud to be supporting this great cause as part of our biodiversity programme and contribute to sharing knowledge about how to protect the environment around us.”

This garden follows Viana Mill’s recent contribution to biodiversity, inaugurating five insect hotels which were installed at the nearby Urban Ecological Park. Insect hotels offer shelter and nesting facilities to insects, particularly during winter. They have a positive impact in restoring or maintaining wild pollinator populations, enhancing biodiversity across the park.

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