Perfectly embossed Braille dots on packaging

Marbach Die Supplies provides diemakers worldwide with the materials, equipment and machines they need for the production of their tools. In order to be able to meet the special requirements for the production of packaging in the pharmaceutical sector, Marbach offers the msteel embossing machine. This is used to produce male embossing forces that implement the embossing of Braille on packaging quickly, reliably and in accordance with the requirements.

The msteel embossing machine is used for the production of flat and rotary Braille male forces made of steel. With this machine, the process of embossing and marking the male force is fully automatic.

However, the msteel machine not only embosses every necessary Braille dot in the sheet steel, but also inscribes the male force fully automatically with engraving. The Braille male forces produced in this way can always be assigned to the corresponding order thanks to this labeling and can therefore be archived without any problems.

Packaging manufacturers are increasingly producing rotary male forces directly in their own production facilities in order to be able to react flexibly to order situations. Thanks to the simple handling of the msteel, Braille male forces can be produced extremely easily and in this way support packaging production.

In addition, because the outer dimensions of the braille male force produced with the msteel can be manufactured with extreme precision, they can be integrated quickly and easily into various counter plates such as rillma+ or into steel counter plates.

The msteel embossing machine is suitable for producing braille male forces in the paperboard and corrugated board sectors. The latter can be embossed with Braille in E, F, G and N flute.

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