PerfectFold liquid creaser from Robatech

Robatech presented its latest innovation for fast and precise folding of corrugated board with the PerfectFold liquid creaser at CCE 2023 in Munich in March.

Depending on the type of corrugated board, folding can bring with it problems such as fold breakage, gaps and fishtailing. PerfectFold, the Swiss manufacturer’s patented liquid creaser for adhesive application systems, provides a solution. The contactless application of the SpeedUp creasing fluid on two folding lines enables precise folding of corrugated board cut-outs with little effort. The soft fold lines completely eliminate fold breakage and enable high folding precision. Corrugated board creased with PerfectFold provides precise inner dimensions so that inserts can be easily fitted into folding boxes.

Robatech uses the tried-and-tested Sempre 30 application heads for liquid application. The SpeedUp creasing fluid, which leaves no traces on the board, was specially developed for PerfectFold. It can result in a marked increase in machine speed depending on the type and size of the corrugated board. The reduced stiffness of the board also reduces the time and effort required to set up creasing and folding tools; process stability increases.

PerfectFold is easy to use and can be quickly installed on folder gluers and casemakers. The SpeedUp creasing fluid is now available from Robatech representatives in Europe and Turkey. Further representatives will follow.

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