Penha choose EVOL

Following the successful start-up of an SS350 Steady Stater corrugator in 2013, MHI has confirmed they recently received an order for an EVOL 100 flexo folder gluer from Penha of Brazil. Giovanni Bettini, Sales Director of MHI Europe, states that this is the first order in Brazil – and Latin America – for the state of the art flexo folder gluer. The official order was signed by Carlos Edson Shigematsu, President of Penha, with Masami Shimizu, President of MHI PPM; the machine will be installed and commissioned at Penha’s factory in July 2017.

During the process of evaluating which machine to buy, Penha sent several members of its management team to see the EVOL in action in Europe. “During these visits, they were impressed with the overall build quality of the machine and the accuracy of box fabrication,” says Mr Bettini. “They wanted a machine that can run at high speed to efficiently produce large volumes with high precision, because all the signs are that the Brazilian economy is set for growth in 2018 and they need to be ready to handle the uplift in packaging requirements for their customer base.”


First order of EVOL for Brazil

Left to right: Carlos Edson Shigematsu (President of Penha), Masami Shimizu (President of MHI PPM) and Sadao Miki (Chairman of the Board of Penha).


“This order is a clear indication that Penha is convinced with our machinery and levels of service and we will respond properly to their expectations,” explains Mr Shimizu. “It is a great honor to continue the development of this relationship between Penha and Mitsubishi. They obviously have had a good experience with the SS350 corrugator and we will ensure that the start-up of the EVOL will be just as smooth as the corrugator. We are determined to go beyond their expectations.”

“It is great to get the first EVOL sold for this important, growing territory,” concludes Mr Bettini. “Our thanks also goes to our sales partner, Paulo Manzano, for his close work with Penha on this deal.”  

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