Patented Clean Plate Technology

MacDermid Graphics Solutions recently expanded its Patented Clean Plate Technology portfolio with the addition of Digital MCP.

Digital MCP is a hard durometer, round top dot plate featuring MacDermid’s Patented Clean Plate Technology. Digital MCP is the newest photopolymer plate for flexo printing to build off MacDermid’s high-quality digital plate chemistry. The combination of digital plate chemistry and clean plate technology is designed to print cleaner on press, reduce ink build-up in-between dots and reverses, and require fewer press stops for plate cleaning. The reduction in physical cleaning requirements extends the plate life of Digital MCP, making it ideal for longer print runs.

Digital MCP is optimised for processing in MacDermid’s LAVA® thermal system. As with other MacDermid digital plates, Digital MCP’s versatility allows for processing in conventional solvent wash or thermal systems. When flat-top dots are desired, Digital MCP can be imaged via MacDermid’s award-winning LUX® Lamination process to achieve flat-top dots.

“MacDermid’s Patented Clean Plate Technology is a key aspect for all of our future photopolymer plate innovations. With Digital MCP we are expanding this clean technology to provide clean printing options for all major market segments, including corrugated. Our clean technology is proven to increase quality and consistency, enabling printers and converters to stay competitive with their print methods,” stated Ryan Vest, Director of Innovation at MacDermid Graphics Solutions.

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