PaperWorks introduces new CRB

Converters will now have access to a new coated recycled board (CRB) that has been engineered as a cost-effective, 100% recycled alternative to solid bleached sulphate (SBS), without sacrificing appearance or performance. New MasterWorks Ultra 100 Whiteback™ from PaperWorks is said to be the first CRB to offer multiple characteristics and performance attributes similar to SBS, including high brightness of both front and back sides. It is the first offering in a new line that is expected to ultimately include multiple grades for a variety of applications.

“PaperWorks has invested significant resources to create this proprietary technology. This includes a new machine wet end using a fourdrinier process similar to that used in virgin SBS production. Further, our new board offering enables converters to provide their brand owner customers with an environmentally-responsible alternative to SBS without sacrificing demanding performance attributes,” said Jerry Tassone, senior director of sales and marketing for PaperWorks Paperboard Group.

Superior performance and aesthetic attributes include a high-brightness clay coating, high stiffness and low grain ratio to enable processing attributes similar to SBS. The new CRB also offers calipers ranging from .012 to .030 and improved strength-to-weight ratios compared to traditional CRB.

“We are able to deliver the same machine direction vs cross-direction stiffness ratio of SBS so the product will run similarly on converting equipment and filling lines. We also have closed the gap in basis weight per caliper between traditional CRB and SBS making MasterWorks Ultra 100 Whiteback a more economically competitive product,” Tassone said.

The new grade is Food & Drug Administration compliant for direct food content and meets the Recycled Paperboard Alliance’s 100% recycled paperboard symbol licensing requirements. It is also Forest Stewardship Council certified. Additionally, the board is manufactured in the United States so converters will benefit from having a domestic supply source.

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