PaperWorks Adds Capabilities

U.S. based PaperWorks Industries has invested $3 million in a sheet-fed lithographic press at its Greensboro, North Carolina facility, which will enable many value-added enhancements in a single pass. These include matte and metallic inks, specialty coatings and pigments — plus seven-color printing. The capability is driven by the press’ unique configuration. The press also can run extended color gamut (ECG) color reproduction.

The new investment can produce high-definition images using 400-plus-line screen. Higher definition means more vibrant and eye-catching colors.

“Brand owners and private label packagers are constantly looking for ways to grab the consumer’s attention with eye-catching package design. Traditionally, carton printers would have to run the board through a press additional times to gain the heightened visual and/or tactile effects. However, earmarking additional funds for enhanced shelf impact may not always be feasible. Our new one-pass printing capability creates visual attributes in a fast and cost-effective manner,” said Brandon Clairmont, senior vice president, packaging sales and marketing, PaperWorks.  

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