Paper on Reel at Gondi’s PM7 in Monterrey, Mexico

After 25 months of construction and installation of the Musketeers mill project, Grupo Gondi’s seventh paper machine produced its first paper reel recently.

To guarantee the estimated production of 400,000 metric tons per year of lightweight containerboard, Grupo Gondi has used Voith’s cutting edge technology in production, automation and strict quality control. The company is also certified in different matters such as environmental, quality and security of its product and employees.

“We proudly announce the startup of PM7, the most modern recycled containerboard mill in Latin America. We will continue working to achieve the established goals for what will be the most innovative low basis weight recycled containerboard mill in Mexico and Latin America,” said Eduardo Posada, Grupo Gondi’s CEO.

With the startup of this paper mill, the capacity of the company will reach a capacity of 1.1 million metric tons of paper production per year, making Gondi not only self-sufficient, but one of the leaders in the domestic industry.

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