Paper manufacturer launches new Antimicrobial surface treatment

Arjowiggins has launched an antimicrobial surface treatment for paper products that it says inhibits the ability of bacteria and viruses to survive on the surface. In independent testing to ISO 21702, a reduction in human Coronavirus was seen in as little as just one hour.

Developed in response to the global pandemic, the new antimicrobial solution from Arjowiggins incorporates Biomaster™, a silver-based antimicrobial technology, to proactively inhibit the growth of harmful microbes for the intended lifetime of the product, or up to 10 years.

The solution is added to paper products during manufacture to ensure particles are more concentrated at the surface of the paper. It then works to interrupt cell growth or deactivate microbes that come into contact with the surface of the product. Testing carried out by the paper manufacturer showed its new antimicrobial technology inhibited bacterial growth, including MRSA and E.coli,  by up to 99% over a 24 hour period,  and a greater than 93% reduction in human Coronavirus, in just one hour.

The surface treatment is particularly beneficial where papers are handled by multiple people or where there is a risk of microbial propagation, in hygiene critical environments such as in hospitals, classrooms and hospitality venues. It also offers added value for numerous applications, including packaging.

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