Panther Display increases automation in the factory

A new, additional type of further processing is being introduced at Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to existing converting machines, a state-of-the-art Zünd cutting system (plotter) has just been put into operation. The installation means a significant increase in capacity for the production of high-quality secondary placement elements made of corrugated board. It is also a further step towards independence and the expansion of automation at Panther Display. With the new machine, Panther Display can produce complex orders much more flexibly and in a shorter time, thus increasing reliability and delivery reliability.

The digital cutter offers a working area of 1800 x 3200 mm and plots with two instruments in parallel, a so-called double bar system. Depending on the sheet format, these beams work on one or more sheets at the same time. Up to three different creasing, cutting or drawing instruments can be mounted on each unit. The instruments work with an acceleration of 9.3m per sec.

Material transport is fully automated with a board handling system, which uses an innovative conveyor belt to unload and stack the cut material. This means that holding webs for fixing the cut parts are superfluous and the effort involved in separating out the cut parts is minimised. The stacking height of 1.5m allows long, uninterrupted production cycles. The machine operating time is short, as manual intervention is limited to moving the raw material pallet into the loading unit and then removing it from the unloading unit. The loading unit can load the cutter with several sheets. Due to the full utilisation of the work surface, even small sheet formats can be efficiently processed.

The combination of fully automatic material handling and powerful digital cutting is the key to flexible production. During the loading process, a scanner captures the order information via QR codes that are also printed. This allows different orders within a batch to be reliably recognised and processed automatically. With the board handling system, materials up to a thickness of 110mm can be processed efficiently.

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