Pamarco launches ’25 Days of Christmas’

Pamarco has launched a brand new Christmas competition that is designed specifically for Flexo professionals. Pamarco’s 25 Days of Christmas provides you with the opportunity to obtain some exciting prizes this winter. Amazon Gift Cards ranging from £50/$50 to £250/$250, and the chance to win a free anilox roller* are among the possible prizes.  

Nick Walker, General Manager at Pamarco Europe, commented on the event, “Christmas is already a fun and exciting time of the year, but we thought we’d add to the celebrations this year with a small competition. The contest offers the chance for all involved in the Flexo industry to win both personal and business value prizes.  

Sound promising? Entering is a quick and simple process. To participate in the competition, just select an anilox cell (1-25) on the advent calendar by visiting the company’s website and then send your choice, along with your personal details, to Pamarco via email. It’s that easy. With these two steps, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for the chance to win a prize.

For full terms and conditions please see  

*£1500/$1500 max off next order.

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