Pamarco announces new laser install Q1 2021 in Batavia, IL

Pamarco has confirmed that it will begin taking advantage of the capacity for growth at its Batavia facility, starting with the installation of a new 3.5M ALE laser. This laser will be fully equipped to produce rolls in all screen count and volume ranges, including those within its growing coarse screen business.

While transitioning to the new facility, all of the mechanical engraving and electroplating work was transferred to its Roselle, New Jersey, location. Adding a third laser to Pamarco’s lineup offers more capacity with shorter turn times and allows the company to focus on its laser engraving at Bataiva.

In mid-2020, Pamarco opened its new anilox manufacturing facility in Batavia, Illinois. With the ability to customize all facets of this new plant construction, Pamarco was able to create streamlined production flow, more efficient and comfortable workspaces for its employees, and higher capacity for growth.

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