PACKZ Version 9.5 enhances productivity and print quality

HYBRID Software has launched Version 9.5 of its PACKZ and STEPZ packaging editors.

Version 9.5 is a significant upgrade which includes several new technologies and numerous enhancements to improve operator productivity for digital, flexo, and offset printing.

The new Colorspace colour management technology is accessible from within both PACKZ and STEPZ, providing colour consistency between different printing methods like flexo and digital printing as well as between different digital printing devices themselves. Its easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of high-quality colour conversion and optimisation of CMYK, RGB, multicolour and expanded gamut printing.

The sophisticated technology uses spectral data, supports CxF/X-4 spot colour definitions, and builds DeviceLink profiles on-the-fly with a high colour accuracy across all printing methods, allowing packaging to be easily moved from flexo or offset printing to digital print production.

PACKZ 9.5 also marks the introduction of CAPTURE 3D, an optional expert application for 3D modelling.

Last but not least, PACKZ’s  trapping technology, which compensates for unacceptable gaps between artwork elements during flexo printing, gets a major upgrade in PACKZ 9.5. The Trap Rules feature models how artwork edges should be trapped and increase the efficiency and quality of trapping for both images and graphic elements in an interactive and automated prepress process.

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