Package Crafters pledge for Packaging Education, accelerating industry advancement

The Foundation for Packaging Education has extended its appreciation to Package Crafters for its commitment to advancing education and training within the packaging industry. Package Crafters, under the leadership of Gary Brewer, President, has fulfilled its multi-year pledge to the Foundation a year ahead of schedule.

Brewer said, “Being involved with the Foundation from its inception, I know its purpose and goal of training and educating those who do much of the heavy lifting in our industry could not be more important. With the prosperity our companies have been afforded, I feel that completing our pledge early is simply the right thing to do. The faster the Foundation crosses the finish line of its $3m fundraising goal, the more quickly it can go to work on strengthening the knowledge of our fellow employees and allowing the industry to continue to thrive.”

This milestone underscores Package Crafters’ commitment to the Foundation’s mission of enhancing education and training resources for the packaging workforce. By accelerating its pledge fulfilment, Package Crafters exemplifies a dedication to driving industry-wide progress and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Mike D’Angelo, President, AICC, added, “Gary and his Package Crafters team have always been out front in all they do, so it’s no surprise that Package Crafters would lead in fulfiling its Foundation for Packaging Education pledge ahead of schedule.”

The Foundation for Packaging Education acknowledges the significant impact of Package Crafters’ contribution, propelling the Foundation towards its fundraising goal of $3m. With the generous support of organizations like Package Crafters, a Gold-level donor, the Foundation continues to expand its reach and amplify educational opportunities for corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box manufacturers.

As the Foundation celebrates this significant milestone, it looks forward to its next fundraising event, July 16-18, 2024, in the picturesque setting of Napa, California. This premier networking event will offer attendees an opportunity to engage in enriching activities. Attendees will enjoy an exquisite dinner on the Napa Valley Wine Train, providing a scenic backdrop for networking and collaboration. For those inclined towards leisurely pursuits, the event will feature golf at the Silverado South Course, offering participants a chance to unwind amidst breathtaking landscapes.

The Foundation invites industry professionals to participate in this exclusive event, which promises to be both educational and enjoyable. Proceeds from the event will support the Foundation’s ongoing initiatives to advance education and training within the packaging industry.

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