Oy Orapac opts for Evolution

It’s not easy to land a WorldStar award, but Oy Orapac AB is no ordinary packaging printer. Nowhere was this more evident than at the WorldStar 2016 event where the World Packaging Organization jury praised Oy Orapac’s Vieser One floor drain trap pack for its ‘easy assembly, visual attractiveness and cost efficiency.’ Founded in 1990, Oy Orapac specialises in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of corrugated packages, mini cartons and ordinary corrugated boxes. Fredric Tidström, the company’s owner and Managing Director, says the key to their success is innovation, flexibility and environmental responsibility.

“Well-designed packaging can arouse interest and make the brand stand out with high-quality packaging communicating the company’s appreciation towards customers. Well-designed and innovative packaging protects the product and communicates good usability, functionality and diversity. Hence, we use only high-quality, consumer-friendly and green printing materials to ensure the distinctive packages are worthy of our customers’ products and corporate image,” explains Tidström.

He goes on to say, “We take extra measures to provide on-time delivery and to adhere to globally recognised environmental standards.” This is why the company recently invested in Manroland’s latest technology, the Roland 705 3B LV Evolution with printcom® services. The press, which was started up in May, offers high efficiency, premium print quality and environmental protection; and with the help of the new press, Oy Orapac can turn its creative ideas into reality faster. Features such as Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL) significantly reduce make-ready time and the InlineColorPilot ensures color quality.

Tidström says, “InlineColorPilot measuring will improve conformity and consistent print quality. The risk of misprint and human errors are minimised”. The InlineColorPilot measures and controls colour. It can measure ink density at full production speed, so there’s no need to pull sheets out for inspection – the print control strip on the sheet is measured with precision.

Manroland’s printcom® division provides the customers with extensively tested, certified and process-compliant system components to further refine and optimise their printing systems. The use of expertly produced, consistently manufactured parts can significantly cut wastage and save energy cost. Additionally printcom printing supplies are in line with EU RoHS and REACH environmental standards. They do not contain any harmful ingredients and can effectively reduce the use of isopropyl alcohol and the emission of VOC.

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