Over 10 million pages enhanced on Scodix at TBB

Scodix has confirmed that more than 10 million pages have been embellished on a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement press for Slovakian printer, TBB.

As the first digital technology that TBB has invested in, Scodix’ integration into TBB’s conventional and UV printing technologies was seamless and also a key element in elevating the quality of TBB’s designs, leading to ‘breathtaking results’ according to Mirko Brezňan, CSO and COO of TBB.

“Given the trend of shorter print runs, increasing versioning and the battle against overstocks, Scodix has become an invaluable tool; and this applies to all Scodix enhancements,” Brezňan states. “This has not only helped TBB maintain its customer base but also significantly expand its portfolio.”

He continues, “We’re also delighted with Scodix’ ongoing innovation efforts. With developments in hardware, software, and consumables, Scodix increasingly caters to universal needs while prioritising productivity and efficiency. Notably, Scodix’ attention to environmental sustainability is commendable. These factors collectively position Scodix as an integral part of our strategy now and moving foward.”

“The intricate and eye-catching enhancements that TBB has produced on over 10 million pages is a testament to the value that Scodix technology is providing for TBB and its customers,” says Mark Nixon, EVP Global Sales, Scodix. “This impressive milestone is a source of pride for the team here at Scodix.”

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