Oriel to add Speedmaster Heidelberg XL 106

Oriel Printing Company Ltd, the sheet-fed UV litho printers and print enhancement specialists, have invested in a new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-7+LYYL (Seven-Colour Offset raised Press 75 x 106 cm) with double coating system, double intermediate station, feeder and delivery logistics and image control, along with Autoplate Pro.

“This decision to replace the CX102-7+L with a new press was part of a strategy to gain more print capacity,” says Richard Simms, Managing Director, Oriel Printing. “We’ve been running at full capacity for two years now. With this, we expect at least 25% more press hours will be available. We will also have the ability to print two coatings in a single pass. We previously printed double-coat work in two passes. We can run water-based coatings at higher speeds. We previously limited our speed to 10,000 sph because we didn’t have IR dryers – we used UV dryers instead. The new machine has both IR and UV dryers. We have always been a Heidelberg house, and we know exactly what can be achieved using their presses. We stretch the capability of the presses. We print at the premium end of the market across many different substrates, including paper, board, foil board and plastics. We know the XL106 will do the job, and what’s more, it’ll do it more efficiently than we do now.”

He continues, “We are seeking to increase our customer base. We are targeting packaging companies that may have overspill or printing companies that are moving into packaging but need our UV printing expertise for difficult materials, such as foil boards or microflute board, for instance. We would be delighted to land further twin coat work too. As experts in Colour Management, matching special brand colours is a daily occurrence for us. We have a wide range of coatings available and can achieve many special effects across all substrates. Couple that with our digital foiling and high-build UV varnish offering. We can provide print embellishments for any premium product and for straightforward printing at high speed.”

Matt Rockley, Product Executive Sheetfed & Digital of Heidelberg UK, says, “We are delighted that Oriel has chosen the new Heidelberg Printing Press XL 106-7+LYYL. The new machine offers Oriel innovative solutions tailored to the needs of classic commercial printing and complex packaging printing applications. Oriel is one more customer that will experience top performance from the XL 106. They will benefit from making flexible changes between conventional and UV printing, meeting a wide variety of market requirements economically.”

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