opt-Studio for Paprinsa

Paprinsa of Spain recently engaged Greycon to upgrade their current production planning and detailed scheduling systems to Greycon’s latest solution, including opt-Studio® and X-Trim®. The implementation will be delivered jointly with Applitec, Greycon’s long standing partner in Spain.

Paprinsa, based in Lleida, has been a client of Greycon’s for many years now and produces various grades of cartonbard (GD2, GT2, GT1 and UD2), distributing to the wider domestic and international markets.

Greycon and Applitec originally implemented Greycon’s S-Plan and X-Trim® solutions at Paprinsa in 2007, streamlining their production process and reducing trim waste. Due to the continued success of the solution and ever demanding customer requirements, Paprinsa decided to invest in an upgrade which has improved efficiency and trim results. The upgrade, due to go live this month, will improve customer delivery times by being able to compare different scenarios and ensure the planning resources are also reduced. This added functionality will enable them to increase productivity while focusing on delivering good customer service with reduced lead times.

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