Oppliger success in Turkey

After significant sales success at Drupa, Oppliger srl has entered several new markets with its range of litho laminating equipment. One of the most significant orders came from the DS Smith, who ordered their first sheet to sheet litho laminator developed by Swiss engineer, Fernand Robert Oppliger, for their facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is interesting to understand DS Smith’s decision to invest in the Sintesy S³ Oppliger machine for their Istanbul facility. “The main aspects are the high quality construction, a quick setup of just one minute and the ‘no waste’ concept which means that the first sheet is saleable,” explains Michael Rabb, Sales Director at Oppliger srl. “Other considerations include the compact length of the machine – at only 16.9m this line saves around 10m in length when compared to some other machines in the market. In addition, the low glue consumption makes the ROI very short. Sintesy S³ is one of the only machines on the market which can apply almost ‘too little’ glue on the surface of the base material, meaning minimum requirement of glue quantity.”

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