Online analysis for performance in packaging production

Marbach has been focusing for years on offering its customers tool technologies and services to increase performance. One solution that lives up to its name is the Performance Package.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager, says, “The Performance Package is a special service offer that allows our customers to optimise performance in the production of their packaging.”

The Performance Package is a service offer specially designed for packaging production, and consists of several steps. As a basis, an analysis of the actual situation is carried out at the packaging manufacturer’s site; the set-up process is filmed from different perspectives, then sequenced and analysed. Potential savings are calculated in detail. In addition, the performance package includes an assessment of the machine and its environment by an experienced Marbach engineer. As a result of this comprehensive analysis, Marbach then advises its customers about the optimisation potential resulting from the analysis including concrete recommendations for action.

Reisser continues, “Our customers realise more and more that they can not only achieve highest efficiency with the Performance Package but also a smooth production process and safety in the production of their packaging. This enables them not only be highly productive, but also to remain competitive in a highly competitive market.”

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