Ongoing, sustainable investment at Cepac

UK-based Cepac Group has unveiled a significant investment in solar panels at its headquarters in Rotherham.

“Thanks to ongoing investment in state-of-the-art solar panels, we are utilising the sun’s rays to help us generate energy as well as to heat water within our Rotherham site,” says Roger Thomson, Head of Innovation & Sustainabilty, Cepac. “Green energy is a high priority to Cepac, and we are committed to rolling out additional solar panels at other sites within the Group over the coming months and years.”

He concludes, “Ultimately, consumers are more aware about the impact we are having on the environment and they are starting to make informed decisions about their buying habits, citing sustainability as being one of the most important drivers for them. That includes the way in which products are packed and shipped. That is why we help brand owners and packaging buyers develop superior corrugated packaging solutions. The latest investment in solar panels at Rotherham is just one of the ways we help ensure a cleaner future for our planet.”

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