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The Heilbronn-based cutting-die manufacturer Marbach ordered a Brausse 1060 ER die-cutter, to be the centrepiece of a new training centre for internal and external training. Marbach will also use the machine to test innovations and new products. On 3rd July, the new machine was delivered to the facility in Heilbronn.
Project manager, Sven Zimmermann, said, ‘‘The die-cutting machine arrived at Marbach securely stowed in a container. Weighing 22,000 kg, the machine was lifted into the designated building by crane.’’


L to R: Peter Marbach, Michael Münchow (Brausse) and Bernd Klenk cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new die-cutter.


Since ordering the machine and in order to create the perfect conditions, preparations were running at full speed at Marbach. A storage building was completely renovated, including laying a new foundation so as to meet the operating requirements. Also, the appropriate infrastructure: power supply, heating, compressed air and data cables had to be created.

Zimmermann continues, ‘‘We were ready with our preparations just in time, it couldn’t have worked out any better. Assembling the machine was well planned and worked smoothly. The commissioning took place directly after the machine was set up.’’

Marbach is now able to test its tools on its own die-cutting machine. The machine is already booked out for the next few months.

Starting in 2018, the first customer training sessions will take place. An extensive range of seminars have been planned. For more information, contact [email protected]


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