Omni-Pac Group and CorrBoard extend partnership

Two Scunthorpe based businesses that challenged the concept of ‘waste’ and instead repositioned it as ‘repurposed raw materials’ are appealing to others to think differently and consider how one company’s discarded product can be used by another.

When Omni-Pac Group, the manufacturer of poultry, food, medical and tailored moulded fibre packaging applications, approached CorrBoard to access its ‘waste’ as a raw material when it launched almost 10 years ago, the business took the opportunity to redirect its unwanted corrugated board to the start-up. Not only would this collaboration make commercial sense, it would also support CorrBoard’s focus on sustainability.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Omni-Pac has expanded to become a £20m turnover business in the UK and part of a group that employs more than 600 people worldwide, showing in practice what thinking more innovatively about unwanted materials can achieve. Despite relying exclusively on the partnership for its raw material, having reported double-digit growth since its launch and thanks to a £10m investment in the last five years, Omni-Pac is working with CorrBoard to extend its supplier network.

Once again, the collaboration has proven invaluable as CorrBoard has enlisted the support of affiliated companies to meet with the quantities required for Omni-Pac to produce 500m pieces or 10,000 tonnes of product from its UK facilities each year.

Rob Burgin, Managing Director, CorrBoard, comments, “The partnership we have with Omni-Pac is a great example of how thinking differently and changing the narrative can deliver real success. As well as supporting the growth of a local business, we are also creating skilled jobs in the manufacturing sector. As we all work towards becoming more sustainable and measuring the impact that we have on the environment, it’s about more than carbon offsetting. We must change the way we think and be more inventive with the way we manage traditional processes including the disposal of unwanted materials.”

James Gallacher, Managing Director, Omni-Pac, comments, “The relationship we have with CorrBoard has been a key driver to our success. Thanks to the partnership we have in place, together we can champion an innovative approach that can be used as an example of repurposing unwanted materials and how this can work in practice. When we first started, we had no idea that the company would scale so quickly. In addition to producing innovative poultry, food, medical and tailored packaging products, we wanted to make it clear that we were taking sustainability seriously. The approach has certainly appealed to our customers and has given us a real point of difference in the market. What we want to do now is to encourage others to do the same and to access the benefits from using the unwanted materials from partners.”

The businesses are now working on a strategic campaign to encourage more organisations to change the way that they think and reference ‘waste’ in order to become more sustainable.


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