Oji Group celebrates 150 year anniversary

This year marks 150 years since Oji Holdings Corporation, was founded. Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS) has been a proud member of the Oji Group since 2014.

OjiFS, along with the entire Oji Group, got behind Oji’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, including a tree planting initiative – planting Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) trees at owned sites, followed by a photo relay, reinforcing the company’s shared vision for future growth. A 150 Year tote bag made from sustainable Oji fibre was gifted to all 39,000+ employees across the global Oji Group of companies; a ‘150 Years of Continuous Innovation’ commemorative movie was also shown.

As an important part of the Oji Group’s future in the Australasian region, OjiFS wanted to embody the Oji Group slogan and go ‘beyond the boundaries’ with an additional initiative to celebrate this inspiring 150-year milestone. A companywide challenge was set for OjiFS to make 1,000 origami paper cranes as a gesture of good luck ‘toward further growth and evolution’ for the Oji Group.

Origami cranes symbolise honour, loyalty, and longevity. The Japanese believe anyone with the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 origami cranes, would be given good fortune and granted a wish. Not only was this a fitting initiative culturally but the material used (paper), aligned with the industry we are in and the products we produce.

To protect and display their cranes, each site was provided with a customised corrugated Sakura Tree, made from sustainable OjiFS paper and produced by the packaging design team. These trees are now a proud feature at OjiFS – some having taken on a life of their own as the creative ideas continued beyond the crane-making.

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