Obituary – George Browne

It is with great sadness that we report the death of George Browne, well known to so many in the corrugated industry. He would have been 97 years old the day after he died.

George started life working for Hugh Stevenson which became part of Bowater Packaging. He then applied his sales talents to representing a multitude of North American Kraft Linerboard producers on a global basis. At various times he lived and worked in the USA, the Bahamas and latterly in the UK. The mills he represented read like a directory of the Kraft Linerboard industry — Mead, St. Joe, Labrador, Gaylord, Stone, PCA and Inland. If that was not enough, he also marketed test liner for Limousin and St. Regis.

George thrived on hard work and was still selling right up until the end. However, he was very much the family man and our thoughts are with his wife Frieda and daughters Nikki and Pippa.

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