Obituary – David Helbach of Baysek Machines

It is with sadness that we share on Sunday, July 30th, founder of Baysek Machines, David Helbach, passed away at the age of 87.

Helbach (pictured left) was a leader and mentor to many, not only in the office and workshop throughout his extensive 65 years as an owner of multiple corrugated industry businesses, but also within his immediate and extended family. Gathering people together to work and play was his gift. A generous man who treated others the way he wished to be treated, he was a giver. He put others first and operated with a ‘go the extra mile’ and ‘do the right thing’ attitude. And given Helbach’s persistence and will, he always found a way.

A pioneer in the corrugated converting equipment industry, with the business partners he always chose, Helbach met the needs of converters the globe over by researching and developing innovative equipment that was not available for his own needs in the industry when he was a box maker himself. It was his true passion to serve and assist others through his faith, his personal life and his work. He was a kind, professional, and genuine man who is already greatly missed by the Baysek family and the industry at large.

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