Obituary – Brian Fix, Laserline Dies

It is with regret that we confirm the passing of Brian Fix on the 12th October 2023.

Fix was a prominent leader in the packaging industry with many friends, colleagues and associates within the industry, especially in the south east of the country where he called home.

After his time in National Service and serving with the Royal Marines 40 commando regiment, he started work at Cundell Eve and Co, which later became Cundell Corrugated, where he rose to Group Chairman.

Following the acquisition of Cundell Corrugated by Smurfit Corrugated, Brian was then instrumental in forming Laserline Dies with his son Steve, who then acquired Sabre Dies and the group became one of the most successful UK die manufacturers.

The current owners of the Laserline Dies Group are grateful for the opportunities he gave them and everyone at the company and the legacy of his leadership skills live on through the current management team.

Brian is survived by his children and many grandchildren.

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